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I don't know about you, but Christmas disappeared so fast for me this year! And for some reason it feels like it gets faster every year. As fast as the decorations had all hit the stores, next thing I knew they had left again, and been replaced with Australia Day decorations, or Valentines Day, or even Easter as I have seen in some supermarkets!

Photo by Floret

So it seemed appropriate to focus our efforts on Australia Day for todays blog post. Because I am sure next thing we know it will have gone by again! I am looking forward to family BBQ’s and some good old fashioned Straya day sweating down at the beach. But in amongst all the relaxing and fun, the blue and red colours always get me so excited about the celebrations, and make me want to decorate!

But being surrounded by the latest trends all the time means that my tastes are changing always, and so I have learnt the power of some good decorative colour themed flowers rather then buying too much 'stuff'. I love the idea of embracing Australia Day by scattering around the house some red flowers and maybe added in with a little bit of Eucalyptus from the garden. Just placed on the table out on your outdoor area BBQ, this would be the perfect way to get your flower decorator on in a patriotic way!

Here are some awesome red flower selections from here at One Flower:

1. Three Red Roses

2. Twelve Red Roses

3. Red and Green Arrangements

Have a great Australia Day! 

Hayley Jenkin

Wholehearted Studio

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