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Maitland Florist

Great News – One Flower is now in Maitland!

Welcome to our place.

With special occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, which are noted to be the two biggest events in any delivery florist or flower shop’s calendar, we still obviously cater for birthdays, anniversaries, and all special occasions.

As well as our array of floral products, we have fruit, chocolates, plants, balloons, hampers and gifts – all for the asking! All our products complement each other to help you choose correctly and feel better for it.

One Flower Maitland’s brand is based on our florists’ extraordinary passion for giving you that extra service with dedication, commitment and team spirit. We’re proud to have been connecting customers with the nation’s best florists for many years now, and this extensive network, coupled with our commitment to exceptional customer service, means that when you send flowers from One Flower Maitland, you can be confident that you are sending the best.

One Flower Maitland is Australia's most dynamic and unique national florist delivery service. It is the only same day florist delivery services that offers clients a custom-made, interactive, and affordable way of ordering flowers to any private residence, business address, or hospital.

One Flower Maitland has an exceptional understanding of what people want. No longer do people buying flowers around Australia want to buy ‘old-school’ flowers, from ‘old-school’ websites. We have pulled the process of ordering flowers out of the last millennium and put a ‘NEW Gen’ edge on it for a much more modern and user-friendly flower-buying experience.

One Flower Maitland has the industry’s most cutting edge website where you can order our flowers online, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Further, One Flower Maitland has invested heavily in technology for Mobile Devices and as such, is an industry leader in Mobile technology and useability. Therefore, you can order flowers on ANY DEVICE including any iPhone or Android mobile or tablet, with just a few simple swipes. It really is that easy.

Discover Maitland

If you visit the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, you probably will not want to leave. And why would you? With their fabulous quality restaurants, local produce, and not forgetting their amazing wines, the Hunter Valley showcases expert talent and gorgeous scenery.

The city of Maitland is made up of a patchwork of dwellings, colourful townships, and a vast array in history. What makes Maitland, Hunter Valley the wonderful region it is, are the numerous destinations showcasing their unique culture and landscape.

The Hunter Valley has the exploration, adventure, relaxation and indulgence waiting for you at any time of the year, and at Maitland, it has a bustling business centre providing facilities and services, speciality boutiques, parking stations, and welcoming shopkeepers.

West Maitland was established near the tidal reach of the Hunter River in 1820. This location was where vessels could navigate, as long as they had a shallow draft. Larger ships sailed into Morpeth where goods could be shipped further upriver to West Maitland on smaller vessels and barges. The distance between West Maitland and Morpeth along the river was originally 26 kilometres. However, after many river-course changes due to floods over the years, the distance has now been reduced to only 9 kilometres.

Goods were unloaded for the rich lands of the Hunter Valley from Maitland, following which large warehouses were built on the banks of the Hunter River. Some of these warehouses still exist today. As such, Maitland was reportedly the second largest town in Australia, for almost twenty years.

In the 1850s, the rail line from Newcastle, together with the growing silting of the river, plus the traffic of larger ships, saw the end of the customary river movement.

Since European settlement, there has been a succession of flooding along the Hunter River, with more than 200 floods occurring since that time. In fact, Maitland experienced five floods between 1830 and 1834. The 1832 floods reached a height of 8.84 metres, with seven people dying.

In 1955, the Hunter Valley and Maitland witnessed its most severe flood in recorded history. It was internationally broadcast by the media, and became known as the Maitland Flood, and was considered to be one of the worst floods in Australia. The damage was catastrophic, as the waters reached a height of 12.5 metres and claimed the lives of 14 people, with 7,000 homes and buildings damaged or destroyed.

But today, whether you are in need of an adrenaline packed adventure or an escape from reality, you are in need of Maitland, Hunter Valley.