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You Need Flowers With That “Wow” Factor?

Hi there, and come in to our place.

One of the most exceptional and dynamic Australian florists is One Flower.

Why, you may ask?

Would you believe we have an uncanny understanding of what people require when ordering flowers?

And do you know that One Floweris the only same-day florist delivery service that offers you a fully interactive and affordable way of ordering flowers to any business address, hospital or private residence?

In other words, we provide flowers for everyone! And would you believe ... we really can deliver smiles?

On opening the door, your loved ones are offered a beautiful vase filled with roses. Now wouldn’t that make them smile? And wouldn’t their whole day change for the better? You bet!

The best way to connect with your friends or loved ones is to let us at One Flower to inspire them to express their feelings, and perhaps discover what’s happening?

Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It’s a passion and an art that’s been in our family, and it’s what drives us to do what we do; and it’s not just an everyday business plan; it’s actually how we see this great big country and the world!

Discover Northern Territory (NT)

The Northern Territory is situated in the central northern region of Australia, commonly called NT. Its borders are shared with Queensland on the east, South Australia to the south, and Western Australia on its western side.

People from the Northern Territory are frequently known purely as 'Territorians', or more casually as 'Top Enders'.

Occupying about one sixth of Australia's total land mass, the Northern Territory is immense. Its backdrops cover a diversity of complementary landscapes and experiences, best undertaken by discovering a few significant destinations; each one with their own separate character.

A trip to Australia would be incomplete without a stopover in the Northern Territory. You could begin your excursion through some of most rugged and spectacular Australian Outback, having eras-old Aboriginal rock formations in Arnhem land, then culminating with an Inma Ceremony performed at sunset by the Anangu women in view of Uluru (Ayers Rock). Enchanted ventures await you as you tour through the Territory and the red heart of Australia.

Positioned on a bluff overlooking the harbour on the Timor Sea, Darwin has a population of approximately127, 500, and is the largest city in the Northern Territory. Although, it is the smallest when likened to other capital cities of territories.

You can witness a multitude of outdoor markets in Darwin, with festivals where amazing foods and cultures meet. Why not take a long stroll along the region’s beaches or relish a cruise on Darwin’s harbour? If you choose, take a stroll through a pristine monsoon forest.

From Darwin, you can then visit Litchfield National Park where you will be able to experience a quick swim in crystal clear waterholes enclosed by high, distinctively moulded termite mounds.