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Product Reviews

One Flower takes customer reviews very seriously and, as such, have affiliated ourselves with a review company that allows us to show reviews on our website. There are many reasons why we choose to show reviews but the main one is that it gives our team vital feedback on product and service quality, reviews also help give our valuable customers a better online experience.

How the review process works

When you place a flower order with One Flower, around 7 days later, you will receive an offer to leave a review about the flowers you purchased. One Flower urges you to share your experience whether it was good or bad as it help to get a greater understanding of our business.

Who can place product reviews

The product reviews on One Flower are only open to people who have purchased flowers, each request for a review has an order attached and can only be submitted from the email address that is attached to the account. This way the One Flower review process is truly representative of what our customers have experienced.

If you have any questions on reviews please feel free to either contact us via email or call one of our flower experts today.